Location: Brooklyn, NY

Hailing from the East Coast and taking the entertainment industry by storm, Inas X exploded onto the music scene with her catchy single “Love Is” reaching number 10 on the Top 20 Billboard Dance Chart in 2016.

Inas is an unstoppable force with killer confidence and a determination to spread the importance of love, independence and self-worth.

Born Inas Maale in Brooklyn, NY, Inas traded her given last name for a bold “X” representing empowerment, independence and dedication.

She channeled these ideas when she wrote her hit song “Love Is.” The song showcases the values that Inas holds important, and she believes that the world could use a lot more love.

Her mission is to continue to spread as much of it as she can not only through her music, but in everything she does.

The success of “Love Is” and her distinct musical style proved to be an asset when she embarked on Fetty Wap’s national ‘Welcome to the Zoo’ tour performing in over 30 major cities such as NY, LA, Miami, Chicago and Atlanta.

Creative, inspirational and purposeful, Inas’s music inspires listeners to make a change that will better their lives.

Influenced by Madonna, Lady Gaga, and fellow Brooklyn natives Aaliyah, Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G., her biggest inspiration was Michael Jackson who she not only admired for his philanthropic efforts, but for his undeniable raw talent.


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