Location: New Jersey

Khennedy is a 23-year-old, New Jersey-bred rap artist, songwriter, and singer.

She decided to take rap seriously in late 2015 and has been making her way through the underground scene since.

Khennedy gained recognition with a song entitled “California Love,” a story about a typical day living in Cali, painting a vivid picture to a nostalgic Stevie Wonder sample.

This track along with Khennedy’s energy opened up opportunities for her to be featured in SUEDED Magazine based in California.

She also earned an opportunity to perform at The DazeSummit Festival on the SWAGGI3 stage hosted by BET’s Ivy Rivera.

Khennedy’s sound and lyrical skill and development will be more than apparent with her first EP. Slated for a 2018 October release, Nothin Yet will give you exactly what the title suggests. 


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