Location: Chicago, IL

Chicago R&B singer, S.O.S, is a force to be reckoned with in the up-and-coming soul music scene. She is also apart of the music collective, Freesole.

Being new to the scene has not stopped her from playing all over Chicagoland over the past two years. A versatile and gifted singer with natural charisma.

She has performed at venues like Metro, Lyric Opera House, The Promontory, Soho House, and Subterranean. S.O.S has recently performed for a variety of audiences through Sofar Chicago, and is currently planning a Sofar tour.

S.O.S released her first single “Overdosing,” in June of 2016. She has since released three singles and a nine track album, available on SoundCloud. Her latest single, “Jungle Fever”, can be found on all streaming services.

S.O.S has grown from her experiences to develop her own style. She believes that she can be feminine and earthy, while still empowering audiences to find their own confidence and joy through their own art forms.

She is not afraid to touch on heavy subjects in her lyrics, but always wants to leave her audience feeling more positive than when they came.

** Photo Credits: @MPXVisuals


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