Location: Portland, OR

Courageous and brave, Sour Deez has remained adamant in his pursuit as a sensational rapper with the aims of bringing about a revolution in the hip-hop culture.

This artist is renowned for his beliefs in realism, and crafting hustle music that is spiritually uplifting and gives his listeners a boost of motivation.

Born and currently, a resident of Portland, OR, this hometown hustler discovered his passion for music in the most ordinarily casual ways- ways that led him to reveal his extraordinary talents to the world.

Once he received the desired affirmation and appreciation from his beloved ones, he seriously began the pursuit of a career in the music industry.

So far, Sour Deez’s fans have told him numerous times how they can soulfully connect with his music- something no one else could ever do for them. This is what keeps Deez going.

Sour Deez holds his 2014’s local all-age album release party to be one of the coolest and most memorable shows that he has played so far.

Having played with local, struggling artist at the Hawthorne Theater, he believes that that show was the most significant part of his artistic development as he performed only for the sake of art and helped in making a difference in the community.


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