Crosshair is a service whose mission is to affordably connect musicians directly to the playlist curators and social influencers who can help grow their audiences.

The platform officially launched in January of 2017, and has helped artists gain exposure ever since.

When an artist creates a Crosshair campaign, they can select their target audience, the genres that best represent their song, and the platforms they would like their song to be shared on.

Platforms include Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Musical.ly, blogs, and music supervisors, among others.

Their song will be matched to influencers based on genre and platform, and the influencer must complete a review of the song and indicate whether they will share the song on their channel/playlist or not.

Crosshair has helped hundreds of artists get placements on influential Spotify playlists and Discover Weekly, as well as placements on popular social media channels.


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