Don’t Sleep Records is an independent record label founded by Awon and Phoniks with roots in Portland, ME and Newport News, VA. The label specializes in soul and jazz infused hip hop music and limited edition vinyl releases.

Antwan Wiggins is the Co-Founder of Don’t Sleep Records and offers a range of consultation and referral-based services.

My credentials are all based on my experience, my label receives 1 million streams per month via Spotify.

I have reached 1 million unique fans in the past year via Spotify, I have an engagement of around 10% via Instagram, and I have engineered a following within the sweet spot with a demographic primarily 18-27 years of age which 20% are female.

I have all the information to back this up if needed. My goal is to help artist break the rules and realize that there is no one template everyone can follow, instead focusing on a unique strategy tailored to their “realistic” goals.

Referral services: would be personal contacts whom I have used for services domestically and internationally to include graphic and web design, merchandise manufacturing, video production, and venues and promoters.

Consultation services:

  1. Album release planning
  2. Data analytics
  3. Tips on organically building a fanbase
  4. Tour management and booking
  5. Editorial outreach
  6. Social media integration and best practices
  7. Branding


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