Independent Distribution Collective (IDC) is a marketing and distribution company based in San Francisco that offers customized marketing campaigns, physical and digital distribution, music licensing, and other artist or brand development services.


IDC Promo – A customized, full-scale marketing campaign for your project combining physical and digital distribution with a team of PR, social media, and other industry marketing professionals. Starting at $5,500, engage a team and maximize the potential of your indie release!

IDC Promo Base Level – A new service that is designed to create an affordable distribution campaign with limited marketing to increase awareness and demand for single or EP-length releases, starting at $1,499.

IDC Distribution – Release content in store chains and online retailers, including iTunes, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Indie stores, and more.

IDC Consultation – A new program that helps clients take control of their career while developing a comprehensive knowledge of the music industry.

IDC Music Licensing – Music from our catalog has been licensed to Universal Pictures, DreamWorks Animation SKG, Electronic Arts, Oprah, Fuel TV, NBC Universal’s Oxygen Network, E! Entertainment, MTV, FOX Sports, and the USA Network.


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