My Example Inc. is a full service mixing and production company established by Maxx Gilliam.

With over 10 years in the game, songwriting, producing and engineering for fellow artists, Maxx Gilliam is the glue needed to make a record stick.

Not only has he worked with the likes of hip hop pioneers such as Ryan Toby, Cardiak Flatline, Chink Santana, Adam Blackstone and the Legendary Kool & The Gang, Maxx has also helped many underground artists find their sound.

Even though Maxx does it all, most of the time he prefers to collaborate with other musicians, songwriters, producers and mastering engineers.

When he’s not creating and servicing other Artists, Maxx Gilliam is making music for himself. While his hometown fanbase in Willingboro, NJ has been solidified for some time now, Maxx has recently introduced himself to the streaming market.

Service details


We make quality tracks utilizing top of the line equipment, software’s, and sounds. We are also able to create with live instrumentation when necessary.


As an engineer my goal is to create an environment conducive to capturing the best vocal sound possible for the artist. I make sure to encourage the artist to be comfortable and confident.

I myself have been an artist virtually all my life and understand how vital it is to have an upbeat and motivating engineer. No better vibe killer than a bump on the log engineer, uninterested and just pressing buttons.

As well, I usually do a lot of vocal producing from the engineer seat. I find it to be almost a two-in-one position. This of course is only when necessary and when the artists asks for help.


As you probably know mixing is extremely vital in making the song what it is. I have been mixing over 10 years and have learned that no two songs are the same and should be mixed accordingly.

While I can and have worked with two-track stereo beat files in the past, I prefer not to. More so, I require all the stem files of the beat and vocals for a proper mix.


While I can provide a great sounding master, I usually outsource that task to one of my engineers that focus solely on mastering.

Mainly because we can get a fresh ear on the music, which I have found to be crucial in creating a sound that will transfer well in all mediums.


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