Headquartered in Somerset, England, TourLife work closely with clients across the globe on everything touring related, including videography, photography, tour management, merchandising and transport.

TourLife have been on the road furthering the careers of international artists for many years and have become a go-to name in the music business when it comes to touring in Europe.


The world of music is ever growing and evolving, with the video TourLife capture you just know the artist will love it as much as the fans.

From pre tour promos to daily tour diaries and full end of tour recaps, fans and artists love the work TourLife does.


Capturing the moments that matter is what TourLife strives for but going above and beyond is what they do.

From the most energetic live shots of the night all the way to the behind the scenes snaps on the tour bus, TourLife documents it all.

Tour management: 

A good tour manager is worth their weight in gold.

Safety and punctuality is at the forefront of the service TourLife offers. Whilst many artists may use a friend as a TM, TourLife’s tour managers are an extension of your artistry and brand. Keeping you on time, every time.


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