URSA Reimagines Streaming Music for a New Artist-Centric Era

April 17, 2019 | Streaming

What would a streaming service look like, if hard-nosed but optimistic professional musicians built it? It would look like URSA, a platform that weds artist-focused engagement, commerce, and context with an intuitive, high-quality listener experience. URSA is the only streaming […]

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J. Cole’s New #1 Hit “Middle Child” Powered By a Tracklib Sample

January 30, 2019 | Streaming

The Swedish sampling service allowed the artist to sample exclusive stems from a 1973 song and to clear the sample instantly and affordably. Tracklib is announcing the first major charting hit featuring a sample taken from its extensive library of original music. J. […]

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Dubset Helps Bring Groundbreaking Live Mixtape to the Wider World of Streaming

November 16, 2018 | Streaming

Three icons of hip hop on stage, rapping over beats assembled by a mixtape master. All live, all in one take. J.PERIOD, one of the key forces behind the Billboard #1 album, The Hamilton Mixtape, gathered three legends, Rakim, Black Thought, […]

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Why Independent Artists Need to Embrace Music Streaming Services

September 5, 2018 | Streaming

Streaming might have started off as a controversial phenomena in the music industry- with artists like Taylor Swift taking up an issue with the low royalties offered to artists, but it has swiftly and quickly become one of the biggest […]

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Engaging Your Audience on Spotify

July 17, 2018 | Streaming

For most artists, one of the most common problems that you might come across stems from audience engagement. Most people hear that term and think of it as some kind of whacky marketing gimmick. While it can be, for an […]

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