The goal of audio engineering is to hone and preserve the sound quality of the instruments as well as the vocals.

It involves replicating the sounds of a particular environment, adding effects, eliminating unwanted noise like buzz and hums, and manipulating the loudness of the frequencies of the audio.

All of this may sound too technical to a layperson but happens to be among the most important factors in your finished audio product.

The audio engineer working with you won’t just deal with the technical aspect but will also bring in knowledge and expertise that can help influence the performance or recording creatively.

The engineer is working hand in hand with your producer to guide the direction your track goes into.

The audio engineer will deal with the distortion work, reverb, compression and EQ of the audio and will contribute to both the technique and the technology being used in the studio.

An audio engineer’s skill and ear is often just as important as the producer’s – and the right mixing and mastering services will help you attain a finished audio product that is polished and impeccable.

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