In the same way that the artwork for your album or single can make a huge impact on your overall branding, having professional photography for independent artists is fundamental when it comes to representing yourself as an artist.

For one, photography is the most important thing that’s going to differentiate you from your competitors in the digital world. The shoddy, grainy picture that your friend took of you at your last gig isn’t going to cut it – and you need a professional photographer to ensure that the pictures taken are high definition and high quality.

Event organizers, promoters and books usually look at multiple portfolios before deciding who to book for their event – and the photographs they review of your act must give a good first impression.

Moreover, if you’re worried about not being photogenic or happen to be camera shy – a professional photographer will ensure that all your concerns are addressed and any of anxieties about being around a camera dealt with prior to the photoshoot.

Check out our recommended photography services for independent artists below!

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