Interview with Carolina Castilla, CEO of Live Music Platform Massive Act

September 4, 2018 | Interviews

Carolina Castilla has been a music business entrepreneur for 16 years working in the music industry as a manager, tour manager, PR and event producer helping bands from Latin America, the US, and Europe.

Previously she served as tour and hospitality manager for Depeche Mode, Coldplay and David Guetta, General Producer of AES (Audio Engineering Society) Conferences and managed the Grammy-nominated producer Joel Hamilton for Latin America.

With Massive Act, Carolina has built a software platform that makes live music performances easy and accessible for musicians.

Massive Act is a platform where musicians and industry professionals, find intuitive tools (manage logistics & build tech rider) and revenue opportunities (booking, endorsements, and sponsorships), enabling everyone in the live music industry to achieve their career goals and have fun doing it.

1. Tell us a little bit about your history and why you started Massive Act.

I started my career throwing electronic raves in the Bogota mountains, worked in some record labels, and then decided to start my own 360 management company.

Over the years I organized festivals, booked artists, helped artists find producers and engineers, and worked with media and brand sponsorships.

After 14 years working in the industry I realized that some of the processes of touring could be streamlined, so I moved from Colombia to Silicon Valley, found the team and created the system.

2. What is the biggest challenge for artists when it comes to planning/managing tours?

It depends on the level of the artist but the biggest challenge is the budget; finishing a tour and breaking even is a miracle when you are at the begging of your career.

Also having the appropriate team can be a struggle; ideally you travel with your crew to every gig and visit local media to promote the show and reach new audiences, but all of this involves a series of duties and experts in many fields.

3. How does Massive Act simplify touring for artists?

We give artists all the technical support they need to tour professionally. We offer a workflow solution between the parts but also a marketplace for them to create a network.

We streamline the performing process from talent buyer curation to stage logistics and backstage hospitality with a comprehensive tool for them to communicate all their needs.

4. How do you see the future of the live touring business for independent artists?

The money in the music industry is in live shows so touring is not going anywhere. Every day more and more artists go on the road, and technologies like us will let the industry professionalize and allow for more efficient communication.

5. What other advice do you have for independent artists trying to plan a tour?

Find the right crew, prepare your show, rehearse the most that you can and research venues before you agree to play there.


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