Interview With Garrison Snell, CEO of Streaming Promotions Company Crosshair Music

September 28, 2018 | Interviews

Garrison Snell is the 25 year old CEO of streaming promotions company Crosshair Music.

After graduating from Belmont University in 2015, Garrison launched his marketing agency Gyrosity Projects, followed by the creation of Crosshair Music.

Gyrosity Projects was recently acquired by Stadiumred Group in New York. Garrison is currently involved in many organizations such as Young Entertainment Professionals, H.O.M.E., and the Music Biz Association.

Uptown Plug had the pleasure of speaking with Garrison about how Crosshair Music works with independent artists, streaming revenue, music marketing technology and plenty more!

1) After you graduated from Belmont University, you immediately launched your marketing agency Gyrosity Projects. What was the motivation behind diving right away into the deep end with starting your own company?

I was excited about the opportunity that being a new graduate afforded me! It was 24 hours a day to build something that was completely mine from the ground up.

It seemed like an opportunity to me, not a threatening situation.

2) After launching Gyrosity Projects, you followed it up with streaming promotions company Crosshair Music. How does Crosshair Music work with independent artists promote their music?

We make it affordable and accessible to pitch independent Spotify playlisters and social media influencers.

Most business models in this space are agencies. They bill by the month and usually bill 1500 – 3000 per month for a human-driven service.

Our goal was to productize that, make it affordable, and solve a problem for influencers who were not getting paid.

3) Crosshair Music was created to assist independent artists create a sustainable career in the music industry. What sort of opportunity do you see streaming services provide to independent artists?

Streaming has created passive revenue for middle tier artists and allowed artists to create more music, more quickly, and see income from it. It’s a phenomenal way to build a revenue generating music career.

4) What goes into effective streaming promotion?

Relationships and understanding what playlisters need. They need a way to monetize their following as well as continue to grow their following. By setting up mutual wins between artists and playlisters, you can create some great placements.

5) Where do you see the music business headed in the next few years, particularly with independent artists?

I see marketing technology really taking over the promotion process as well as the demand for marketing technology swell. As more music is made, more folks will want to promote it.

6) Where do you see Crosshair Music in the next few years?

Our goal is to build the best song promotion network in existence. We want independent artists to be able to promote their songs organically through our network of playlists, tastemakers and influencers.

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