Interview With Kenyetta Evans, Founder of Online Distribution Platform PeekSound

November 15, 2018 | Interviews

PeekSound is an online platform which helps independent artists and labels sell their music on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Vevo and other such digital platforms.

Artists create songs which generate dozens of royalties when they’re sold, streamed or performed live. PeekSound not only collects these royalties for you but will also help collect your royalties from music placed in film, TV, commercials & more.

Uptown Plug had the opportunity to catch up with PeekSound’s Founder, Kenyetta Evans, to discuss independent artists distributing their music on a global scale, evolution of the music industry, music rights and plenty more!

1) PeekSound primarily focuses on servicing independent artists and labels, what made you decide to focus on that particular section of the music industry?

I saw a need for independent artist, I wanted the artist to have more control over their music and at a fair price.

2) How does PeekSound work with independent artists and labels to achieve their goals?

We provide distribution for an artist or label to get their music into worldwide digital music outlets. Like Spotify, Apple Music, google music, Deezer, Pandora and more.

We provide unlimited music distribution for $14.99/year and unlimited music & video distribution for $39.99/year.

We also have services we provide for tv network and radio station music/video submission. For a fee we submit artist music videos to networks such as BET, Revolt, MTV, CMT and more.

For a fee we also submit radio ready music to all radios station program directors in the USA, Canada and United Kingdom depending on where the artist wants to submit their music.

3) How have you seen the music industry evolve in the past few years, and do you see any new opportunities emerging for independent artists?

I seen the music industry evolve because of the internet. The internet gave the artist the ability to let other people outside of their circle or city hear their music and build a organic fan base.

A fan base that are 9 out 10 times very loyal to that artist. It also gave the artist more control and power of the money made from their music.

Look at all the artist that made it from promoting their music on the net and building their fan base on instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Artist right now are in the golden age independent artist getting their due pay from their music. I think the new thing will be investing in artist music like you would do a stock on the stock exchange.

I think eventually a fan will be able to buy and sell shares of their favorite artist music.

4) With the access to technology and online platforms, I think we’re in a golden age for independent artists to make a living with their art. What are your thoughts on this?

I agree, artist have more control over their music because of the internet and social media.

There is no reason why an artist can’t get heard and monetize their music in today’s music industry. Even the new intellectual property agreements that the U.S signed into law makes it where the artist can make more money in the U.S and overseas.

So my advice to an independent artist would be to stay independent and keep putting your own money up. It may be hard at first but as long as you stay consistent you will make it to the promise land and fulfill your dreams.

5) What are some common mistakes you see independent artists make when it comes to distributing their music on a global scale?

The problems I see artist do a lot is not own the full rights to their music that they are releasing. Make sure you clear the music with your people first!

6) What’s next for PeekSound? Where do you see the company headed in the next few years?

Down the line we will be providing financial lending to independent artist to help fund their projects. Until then we will be building the brand and improving our services.

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