Interview With Vice Souletric, Founder of Graphic Design Company Vice Cold Graphics

September 14, 2018 | Interviews

Ohio-based MC and producer Vice Souletric has worked with the likes of artists such as Talib Kweli, Pete Rock, Nottz, Skyzoo, Guilty Simpson and many more.

In addition to his rapping and production skills, Vice is also the owner of Vice Cold Graphics.

1) How has Ohio influenced your view and style in design and music?

Ohio is a blue collar state. I have always worked hard and had a great work ethic. That helps most with this music industry. Its what separates you from the rest.

2) In addition to rapping and producing, you launched Vice Cold Graphics providing services to up-and-coming artists. What made you decide to launch a graphic design business along with your music career?

Presentation is key for artists. With the internet giving artists the opportunity to reach a global audience, its super important to have a great look and presentation. I felt I could be an asset to fellow artists and entrepreneurs.

3) On a typical day you must be pretty busy juggling music and design. How do you manage your time and make sure you’re putting in 100% for everything you do?

I go with the vibe. Its pretty hard to do but I make it work. It pretty much comes down to what is priority at a given moment.

4) What are some of the common mistakes you see artists make with their branding, logo, artwork, etc.?

Artists tend not to be consistent with their branding and how its presented. Consistency is key. Detail is key. If that is not an artist’s strong suit, they need a manager or assistant to take care of that.

5) What sort of role does strong design play in an artist’s overall brand?

Strong design is the first thing consumer’s experience before they even listen to the music or watch the video. It plays a super important role. Fans may press play or skip you depending on your presentation.

6) How do you think streaming services like Spotify have affected the use of music artwork?

Good question. I think artwork is even more important because they are so many options to choose from on those streaming platforms

7) What’s next for Vice Souletric as an artist and Vice Cold Graphics as a business?

As an artist I’m releasing one single at a time from my upcoming album, Vice for President 3: Overthrow. As a business I’m continuing to network and make moves towards perfecting my branding and designing skills.

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