Album Release Checklist for Independent Artists

August 8, 2018 | Music Promotion

With the big release now in sight, it’s only natural that you feel excited. The drama, the desire and the excitement of releasing a new album is the kind of experience that is pretty hard to escape, right?

It’s for this reason that the album release should become something that you want to make perfect. The right release can lead to more hype, sales and therefore profits.

The legacy of a successful album launch can be paid in more than just dollars, though, so it’s important that you take the time to grasp the importance of getting your album release just right.

For example, you might be wondering about how you can build up hype in the album without going too far. Often, it’s a lot simpler than it might appear. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at making sure you can get all the help that you need to really take things to a new level.

That being said, it does take some planning and consideration. Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects involved in getting the ideal album release. How do you ensure it all goes to plan?

Plan in good time

The first and most important thing that you need is time. Time is a priceless commodity in an album release, and it can go some way to making sure you can get the right kind of response from your campaign release.

For instance, you’ll need an average of eight weeks to start building the promotional campaign in a way that is going to actually benefit you. If you want to do it right, though, we recommend that you take three months to do it right.

If you are going to go it alone, as you might as an independent hip hop artist, then make sure you have an eight week minimum time to plan it out. You should be spending an average of around 5-10 hours per week when working on the album promo, so make sure that you make time for this.

Also, make sure that you take the time to prepare up-to-date details about yourself. Update that bio, change your profile picture and make sure that you update the shots to include all of your latest branding and changes.

A minimum of three high quality professional photos is the minimum expected here generally.

Social media marketing

I know that you likely don’t want to spend all day hunched over answering tweets and liking Facebook posts, but it’s a must. If you are intent on doing something with your business, then it isn’t really negotiable when it comes to social promotion.

Make sure that you spend the time looking over the kind of persona that you wish to put out on social media, and work with that.

If you want to start making genuine progress on social media, though, you need to avoid becoming too spammy and automated and instead interact with people and talk to the public. Use this as a chance to build some kind of brand strength and make sure that you use it as a means of showing people the person behind the album

Many artists struggle with the concept of showing the world who they are outside of their music. Rather than usual social media to make long winded promo campaigns and for self-gratification, use it to show that you are indeed the person behind the lyrics of your latest album.

Promotion is a hard thing to get right, but one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal is authenticity.

Pitching for success

The next step that you need to work on is making sure that you start pitching your album release to the relevant people and parties. Start off by going out alone and start making sure that you make your pitch heard by as many people as possible.

You need to pitch yourself for interview time, for album reviews and for feature pieces – maybe a feature looking at the primary theme of your album. It’s all about making sure that you connect with the right people.

From local radio stations where your music is playing well to niche blogs and online publications, you can get a lot out of doing this. Share anything that you do get on social media, tagging in the company to get them to show it off for added exposure, too.

If you are intent on doing a big day release show, too, then you should look to work with a group to try and plan that out as best you can. To do that right, we recommend that you spend some time making it a more exclusive event.

From one-time-only merchandise to a Q&A session afterward, you can really make that big release event a bit more interactive and exciting. It has to be more stand-out than a normal gig, so get brainstorming on that front.

Executing the album marketing release plan

Now that you have a genuine plan for a release event and that you have a marketing plan in place, now what?

You now need to build upon the goodness that you have formed so far. To do that, you need to be able to keep promoting the album after launch. You don’t just move on to a new album do you?

Keep promoting that one, using the feedback coming in from the public to better manage and plan out your album planning.

From cool social media infographics for easy sharing and marketing to releasing a music video a few weeks after the release, you have many avenues to help prolong that album’ success.

More features and interviews on the back of its success makes sense, too, so that you can further push the importance of the message within.

Done right, you can make the daunting experience of releasing an album a touch easier to plan out. Using the above, you should find it a bit easier to make your next album release your best.

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