How to Create Great YouTube Videos as an Independent Artist

August 14, 2018 | Video Production

If you’re an independent artist trying break out and develop your own fanbase, creating and posting videos on YouTube is an excellent platform to get started.

As the popularity of this platform continues to grow exponentially, there has been a saturation of musicians uploading their work on YouTube.

And many of them have ended up getting mainstream success.

But in order to differentiate yourself from everything else that’s available in the online world today, there are a few instructions you’ll have to follow in order to ensure that the quality of your videos is top notch.

In this article, we break just these instructions that will help you maintain the cohesiveness and quality of the music visuals you upload on YouTube.


Editing can be one of the most strenuous but also the most crucial aspects of releasing a video.

While you might feel intimidated by some of the editing work you’ve seen go into the bigger channels on YouTube, there’s no need to stress out if you’re getting a few things right.

First off, make sure that your editing is as consistent and as simple as possible. No one enjoys seeing crazy transitions and animations throughout the video.

Moreover, make sure to add some music at the background of the video (unless it’s already a cover of a song).

You can use cheap editing programs to start off, or alternatively purchase popular editing softwares like Final Cut Pro and iMovie.

Sound Quality

When it comes to covers and music videos – your primary focus has to be on the quality of the sound. Investing in a high quality mic is going to be important as relying on your camera’s built in mic is not the best idea.


The concept of the video is ultimately its most important aspect. Think up what exactly you want to present to your subscribers.

Would you just want to focus on doing covers, or would you like to extend your relationship with your followed by doing a video that reveals more about yourself?

Obviously, you would want for all videos to ultimately pertain to your music.

Keep in mind that there are two demographics that you have to tend to – the new subscribers, and people who follow you already.

Make sure that your content is suitable and interesting for both of these. You can do anything from a Q&A video, a vlog, a behind the scenes video or just a good ol’ cover!

The options are endless, and it’s up to you to decide which one suits your niche.

Video Quality

The most glaring and noteworthy trait of a video is its quality. With smartphones and Go-Pros and high definition cameras gaining traction all over the world, the audiences are already used to a very high quality of videos.

No one wants to watch a video with a seedy quality.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend 1000s of dollars on a professional camera – just a basic camera with sufficient functionality would do if you place enough focus on the lighting and the positioning.

Try to film in natural light and during the day if you’re looking to make do with a camera that isn’t of the highest quality.